Eve 6 played a near-sold out show at the Moxi Theater last night. While remaining tickets ran thin, the '90s nostalgia did not. 

People really freaking loved the '90s. I mean, look at this.

Can we take a minute to talk about that opening Oz set, while we're here? As I often do, I chose to leave the room at a bad time, but I heard he swallowed his pride choked on his rhymes and then said rendezvous 'now I'm through with you,' ending his set half-way in, after getting into it with the crowd. Bascially, I heard something went down, and I saw none of it. All I saw was a really cool sailor jacket.

Missing that may be worse than the time Everclear gave me an on-stage shout out at the Moxi while I was in the bathroom. Way to go, Shelby.

Our station intern, Jenn, took some great shots of the show:

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