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Our Emo Halloween party, Emoween, is just around the corner on Saturday, October 26 at the Moxi Theater. Just for you, here's our official Emoween starter pack of five things you definitely already owned at one point, but now you're like, 30, and need to buy them again for a Halloween party. I feel.

Unfortunately, you can't buy a sh***y attitude, but pretty much everything else you can find on Amazon.

Are you ready? No? That's OK, we can help, and so can Amazon Prime. Are you OK? No? Perfect. Let's go. *rAaWr*


My Chemical Romance's Greatest Hits

Brush up, friends.


Black Studded Belt

Did you accidentally donate your studded belt to Goodwill in 2011, when you swore you'd never wear it again? It's alright, we all make mistakes.


Clip-In Swoopy Bangs (In Pink)

Speaks for itself.


Converse All Stars

Hey now, all stars. At least these are kind of always in style.


Fingerless Gloves of Some Kind

If you didn't own some variation of this purposeless fashion accessory then were you even emo?

The last thing you need, you cannot get on Amazon, but you can get it right here: Your Emoween ticket. We'll see you Halloweekend!