SADurday night, we celebrated Halloweekend by conjuring up our old MySpace personas — scary, we know. But we had a blast at the Moxi Theater for #EmoWeen2019. If you missed it, you missed...

... the costume contests. Yes, emo slice of pizza won, and there was an emo pineapple, too. But, props to Alex, who perfectly nailed my high school look from 2007.

...a Mean Girls-inspired ex-wife who REALLY brought it.

...a lot of Panic! at the Disco... and shotgunning White Claws to Fall Out Boy's 'Sugar, We're Goin' Down.' (Shout out to Scruggs from 99.9 The Point, #1 hype woman.)

...our scariest costume contest winner.

...just a lot of all-around emo-ness. Is that a word? Oh well, it is now.

...and the #squadghouls Boo Crew, who are still probably washing the glitter off.

...and a confetti cannon.

Congrats to our contest winners, who scored tickets to New Found Glory and Hawthorne Heights at the Aggie Theatre and meet and greet tickets for the SOLD OUT Jimmy Eat World show at Washington's. So, now you know, don't miss out next time, or you'll be even sadder than if you went.

Big thank you to Ely and the Moxi Theater staff for making our Halloween as apathetic as we wanted it to be.



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