Max Collins, frontman of '90s favorites Eve 6, has emerged as the anti-Trapt of Twitter. With his tweets, the “Inside Out” singer has been spreading unbridled joy to '90s kids across the social media platform.

In 1998, Eve 6 exploded with “Inside Out” — what Collins calls “the heart in a blender song.” The band had another Top 40 hit with “Here’s to the Night” in 2001 before splitting up shortly after. Though Eve 6 have been back together for a while, it’s 2020 that welcomed their big comeback, thanks to the tweet:

Since this gem, Max Collins has been on a Twitter hot streak, tagging various public figures and asking them if they like the “heart in a blender song.”

Hilary Duff, to her credit, actually responded:

Frankly, it doesn’t matter who responded or not. The answer is yes, because everyone likes the “heart in a blender” song. We like it a lot.

Here’s some other terrific tweets from the official Eve 6 account:

There’s hundreds of these from the last few days alone, creating a gorgeous tapestry of dad jokes.

Thank you, Sir Collins. This year, we’ve found nothing but faith in nothing, but you’ve placed the bitter rinds of 2020 in a blender, and we’ve watched it spin around to a beautiful oblivion. MTV may be through with you, but we never will be. Your service to '90s rock, and now Twitter, will never be forgotten.

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