Jared Watson of Dirty Heads shares the story behind the band's single 'Vacation,' and why fans shouldn't be thinking about their old music when listening to Swim Team.

That's right, he wants you to forget about the songs they've put out in the past -- but, not for good. Watson encourages Dirty Heads fans to go into the new record Swim Team, which came out on Friday, October 13 [Here!], with a completely open mind.

'Drop all stigma, and see if you enjoy it... don't think about the old Dirty Heads... the last album. Don't think about any of that stuff. Scratch all of it; start completely over with each album we do, and see if you enjoy it.

The old Dirty Heads can't come to the phone right now. Why? Be-- OK, just kidding. We'll leave that to Taylor.

Watson himself has worked on doing this, admitting that he even enjoys some country music (yes -- country!) because he started disregarding his preconceived notions on certain kinds of music, or expectations on what a band should sound like. He now has a new-found respect for finding what truly resonates with him.

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The first single from the record, 'Vacation,' Watson says is about achieving the quality of life that you want (and getting of your a** if you're not there yet). Hear the story behind 'Vacation' below.

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