No, I'm not talking about live performances that wound up on YouTube. These artists actually chose to ditch the Hollywood set and film on location at Colorado's famous outdoor venue, Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Dirty Heads

Is it just me or do the Dirty Heads look like the people who work at Red Rocks? The entire city of Denver gets covered in a... haze when the Dirty Heads are in town every summer. I'm not surprised they have a love for the 'mile high' venue and, you know, everything that comes with it.

The video for 'Sound of Change' features the Denver skyline, and contrasts the empty amphitheater at soundcheck by day, with risers packed with fans by night. It totally gives me chills.


The singer and hip hop artist uses concert footage throughout his video for 'Dont' Let Me Fall,' which opens with a shot of the crowd at Red Rocks. But, from around 0:52 and forward, you see actual produced shots of B.o.B. in and around the venue.

Jason Mraz

Yes, Jason Mraz and his fedora have graced the Red Rocks stage! While 93 million miles away is pretty far, this music video made by the singer/songwriter is much closer to home. He looks like such a Boulder-ite Coloradan in this video, he fits right in.

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket was just back at Red Rocks for not one, but two shows in May. After performing at the venue last summer, they featured our state's gorgeous scenery in their video for 'Compound Fracture,' in conjunction with some cool filters and psychedelic overlays.

'The spirit and electricity we felt playing at Red Rocks was one of the most magical experiences we’ve ever had... now we’re so excited to be able to share that special night with everyone through this video,' the band told

Zac Brown Band and Gary Allen

You don't have to be a fedora-wearing granola or a weed enthusiast to feel the Red Rocks vibe. Country stars have made videos there, too! Check out Zac Brown Band and Gary Allen.


In 2012, Train and country singer Ashley Monroe created a video for 'Bruises' starring... Red Rocks! The difference with this video is that the venue is actually a part of a fictional story line, and acts as a set for this short film about correspondence between a musician on the road (Patrick Monahan) and a woman back home (Ashley Monroe). Pretty cool.

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