We love being your home for New Music Discovery, but it's extra icing on the cake to introduce you to (in Justin Tyler's famous words) a 'kickass' band from Colorado. Hailing from Denver, we're excited to welcome VYNYL to our 94.3 The X playlist this month. 

Shannon Shumaker
Shannon Shumaker courtesy VYNYL

We came across the alt-pop band following their show at the Moxi Theater earlier this month, and they ignited our interest within seconds of hearing 'Reaction.' Pronounced 'vinyl,' the band says they got together to make 'the kind [of music] you would seek out and purchase on vinyl' -- and 'dance your ass off to.'

Even though VYNYL has only been together since 2015, we knew they would fit in among our other new music playlist residents like The 1975, Night Riots and The Unlikely Candidates.

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FFO: The Wombats 'Glitterbug,' synth-pop, CHVRCHES, plugged-in guitars, concerts with disco balls, DREAMERS and, of course, dancing your ass off.

Tune into 94.3 The X's New Music Discovery tracks at the end of every hour for your chance to hear us take VYNYL's 'Reaction' for a spin. You can also listen below and follow them on their socials.

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