Travis and Nick of Night Riots came to the 94.3 The X Estrogen Dungeon (studio) before their show in Denver to play a round of 'Nothing Personal or Something Personal' with me. 

The game, obviously inspired by the band's new single, 'Nothing Personal.' Also, 'single' is a trigger word for Nick... he's as bad as we are.

Shelby Taylor-Thorn/TSM

I can't express in writing this post how much fun we had in the studio with these Night Riots guys. Good thing we recorded it... ;)

Night Riots: Nothing Personal or Something Personal

Travis and Nick talk about their first kisses, affinity for overalls and magic, future tour mate Andrew McMahon and the story behind all that body paint in the 'Nothing Personal' music video.

Night Riots: 'Do Not Date Colonial Men'

Travis reveals Nick's real name, and why he and I can never date.

Night Riots on Their Dream Dispensary Idea

With legalization in both Colorado and their home state of California, Travis and Nick think themed dispensaries need to be a thing -- their idea involves Cheetos and it's actually pretty well thought out.

Check out 'Nothing Personal' (and the aforementioned body paint):