If you sometimes feel like you want to help the less fortunate but only wish you felt guided to give to a definitive cause by way of a specific organization, here's one chance.  I have supported Convoy of Hope for over a decade, as they are dependably some of the first on site with semi trucks full of food, water, first aid, tools, and manpower, when a disaster hits.

Help is already on the way from Colorado, too.  Two separate fire rescue districts out of Denver have sent several firefighters to Texas with Colorado Task Force Urban Search.  Captain Dan Stutz alone has done deployments like this for 25 years, the first of which was the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Another was Hurricane Katrina.  He also coordinated recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

We can only imagine all the stories that are being written right now, and obviously most of them are ones we wish didn't exist.  One that's a bit on the lighter side (we hope, anyway,) is the fact that a couple has had to cancel their wedding three times since April of last year, all because of flooding!  *Cues up Alanis Morrisette's "Ironic."* What a celebration that will be when it finally goes through.


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