To most of the world, when a disaster or tragedy is no longer being talked about in the news, it may as well have never happened.  Meanwhile, the people involved are still trying to piece their lives back together.

It was a challenging week, being away from my family, spending every waking minute with people I barely knew at first, and having my focus be 100% on helping others.  I was surprised how hard it was at times to stop thinking about Gundy... So, that alone was worth the trip.

Here's what I saw in Texas.  You'll notice parts of Houston look unaffected, whereas other areas were hit really hard.

Not exactly a highlight from the trip - but I have now moved beyond playing the giant conch shell.  My apology to the world.

Hats off to Convoy of Hope, who has a few strong men and women stationed in Baytown into 2019.  They organize each job from start to finish.  They provide people like myself, who will visit them each and every week, with meals, showers, and a place to sleep.  They have families and lives away from here, which they miss more than I could probably imagine.  They're heroes.

After this trip, I

  • Am less consumed by things in my life that are less than perfect.
  • Don't take myself as seriously (so get ready for that.)
  • Have a heightened appreciation for every moment with my ladies - which I was sure wasn't possible.
  • Wonder what I'll end up doing next.

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