USA Today recently posted findings that "faith" groups bring the bulk of relief during disaster recovery.  As for myself... suffering really bothers me, and most of the time there isn't a thing any of us can do about it.  This is a huge exception, so I'm honored to sign up.

Convoy of Hope, who is generally first on site at any disaster, and last to leave, has plans to set up residency in Baytown, Texas - which is right by Houston, right on the coast, and was hit perhaps the hardest of all during Hurricane Harvey this summer.  My job, along with seven others from Vineyard of Fort Collins, and another Vineyard from Minnesota, will be to follow orders to build Convoy's headquarters.  Convoy of Hope will be stationed there into 2019.

This will be a new/old adventure for me, as I was part of the disaster relief team in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  There, we got good n' dirty, going into people's flooded, moldy, trashed homes, emptying them, and cutting the rotted drywall out so the true damage could be assessed in each house, and the mold could be completely mitigated.  I just found these pictures from August of 2005, and it still stuns me what these people went through there.

This is the only week we can go to Houston to help out, as Convoy already has teams lined up every single week from now into 2019.  That's a very good thing.

Some things can't wait on insurance, and certainly not the government.  It's in your human nature and mine to help those in need.  This is just a couple of callings I have received.  I wonder what yours are.


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