In Colorado, where an 85-degree day switches to a 40-degree night in seconds when the sun goes behind a cloud, you've probably heard someone call the weather "hot as (b-word referring to the male anatomy)," as well as things like "cold as hell," "hot as [eff]," etcetera.

Well, a web developer named Jim Webb (for real) decided to figure out what actual temperatures make people bust out those sayings.

So he wrote some code that pulled about 5,400 tweets from the past six months that used one of those phrases, which he merged with the temperature in the location at the time.  A few of those results?

  • "Hot as hell," "Hot as [eff]," and "Hot as [sh**]" . . . an average of 86 degrees
  • "Hot as (testicles)" . . . 84 degrees.
  • "Hot as heck" . . . 78 degrees.  Tamer language equals milder weather?
  • "Cold as hell" . . . 48 degrees.
  • "Cold as [eff]" . . . 41 degrees.
  • "Cold as balls" . . . 37 degrees.
  • "Colder than a witch's [teat]" . . . 25 degrees.

If any of that offends you, please do NOT click here for the rest of the chart!


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