This video from CDOT is crazy!  "Probably" a good idea to close the road before doing this project, because wow!

We've all driven through the mountains and thought, "Wow, that would suck if one of those rocks decided now is the time to fall!"  Indeed it would, and every great once in awhile, moving vehicles do fall prey to that.  Talk about horrible luck, huh?

The mesh or screening they put over the rocks help for sure, but they definitely have their limits.

So next week, CDOT will start blasting rock that's in danger of falling onto I-70 near Idaho Springs, but amazingly (at least to me,) the road should only be shut down around 11a.m. to 3p.m., although we don't know exactly on what day(s) just yet.

Last week similar work was done on I-25 in Southern Colorado.

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