CDOT To Blast I-70
This video from CDOT is crazy!  "Probably" a good idea to close the road before doing this project, because wow!
We've all driven through the mountains and thought, "Wow, that would suck if one of those rocks decided now is the time to fall...
3 Top Rising Artists out of NoCo
Although when you think Colorado you may think an indie folk music, there is a lot more than just that genre. Most of these bands have been getting more and more successful just with time. Here are the ones that I think are definitely worth your while to listen to! The...
Top 10 Favorite Rock Bands
Being in my teens, it's not usual to listen to Rock music as much as I do. Although Rock seems to be coming back and becoming more popular some bands are forgotten about. I love listening to classic and alternative rock music at any time during the day...
This Guitarist Is at the Wrong Show [Video]
Sometimes, musicians get really into their music.
This rocker is playing a gig with his sweet band mates. They seem to be a bit more chill than he is, but he is working his hairography as much as possible.
This guy may need to see a chiropractor with the way he is whipping his hair...
Lou Reed Dead at 71: Rockers React
As we reported earlier today, legendary Velvet Underground frontman and solo artist Lou Reed has died at the age of 71. The veteran rocker had undergone a liver transplant in May, but no cause of death has been officially announced.