Piece of Bridge Trashes Car
You'd have to have the world's worst luck to just happen to pass under a bridge at the exact moment a part of it breaks off, going through your windshield!
CDOT To Blast I-70
This video from CDOT is crazy!  "Probably" a good idea to close the road before doing this project, because wow!
We've all driven through the mountains and thought, "Wow, that would suck if one of those rocks decided now is the time to fall...
A Bluegrass Band Wrote A Song About I-70 Traffic [Video]
I'm heading up there this weekend, because it's been too long since I've done Arapaho Basin.  But this time, unlike others this season, we're kickin' our feet up in a cozy room in Silverthorne and heading back midday the next day.  Because NO THANKS to that tr…