Who is that on Linkin Park's Meteora album cover?

With the band now promising unreleased material (and who knows what else) surrounding the 20th anniversary of the album, Linkin Park's second studio effort from 2003, we decided to look back at the mysterious person in the photo on the front of the artwork.

So, do you know who the Meteora cover model is? We'll give you a hint — it's not a Linkin Park band member, such as vocalist Mike Shinoda or guitarist Brad Delson.

In fact, the person on the Meteora cover — crouched down, respirator on, spray paint in hand — is the Dutch artist Boris Tellegen, also known as Delta.

Tellegen was there to help Linkin Park out with the artwork for Meteora. But what was first envisioned as the final album cover — a gigantic mural painted by the team — was ultimately replaced by the solitary shot of Tellegen working on the art. Pretty meta, right?

"We chose the image of Boris for the cover of the album because of that quiet power of it," Shinoda explains in The Art of Meteora, a short documentary film that accompanied the album.

The mural is instead captured in photographs throughout the liner notes of Meteora. Tellegen, who first came up in the '80s graffiti scene, continues to make art to this day. Visit boristellegen.com.

Check out Linkin Park's The Art of Meteora below.

Linkin Park, The Art of Meteora (Short Film)

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