Why did the turkeys cross the road?

To prove that they weren't chicken...but actually this one isn't a joke. Within the past week wild turkeys have been spotted crossing streets and roaming around neighborhoods in both Greeley and Loveland. On Monday, a gaggle was seen strutting through a subdivision close to Thompson Valley High School in Loveland. Earlier this week, Loveland's Reporter Herald wrote about wild turkeys wandering around Clear Creek Drive in Loveland – one even seen standing on the roof of a car, and another making itself at home in a resident's garage.  Another sighting occurred on Wednesday in a woman's yard, near Highland Hills Golf Course in West Greeley. Residents in Boulder have reportedly been seeing them more frequently too.

Sue Sutton/TSM
Sue Sutton/TSM

According to the Reporter-Herald, it's actually a good thing that these wild birds are coming around, as it's a positive sign for the local environment. But while it is exciting to spot one, they have been known to have fowl tempers when feeling territorial, and could possibly become aggressive with humans and pets. Wildlife experts suggest clapping your hands at them if you think they are getting a little too close for comfort. If you have any photos of wild turkeys in your neighborhood, be sure to share them with us in the comments section!

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