The old saying is "They grow 'em big in Texas."  (Or something along those lines.)

Here, we see that's true everywhere, depending on what item you're talking about.

Unless, of course, you're looking at Delaware.  After long studies of this topic, we found that... nothing... in Delaware is larger than every other state in the country.  I'm sure there are men there who would beg to differ.  (Just a little levity to prepare you for what you'll see in this map.)

By the way, here's a sneak peak.  Go ahead, guess what's bigger in Colorado than any other state.  Then, click on the image for the answer via the full map.  (Hint:  There is more than one answer for nearly every state!)

Guinness World Records via Estately Blog
Guinness World Records via Estately Blog

And how many of these do you believe?

Bumper stickers in Nebraska - I've been there, but also to Vermont, who I think kills them in terms of bumper stickers - at least on cars (not counting in scrapbooks or tacked up in the garage.)

Montana?  You must be proud.

Neighboring states to our west?  You're scaring the children.

Kansas!  You impress me.  For the first time ever.

And Florida, you don't surprise me at all - and way to keep it cute and charming, rather than psycho, like you are every day in the news.


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