One of my first Facebook posts ever was something like "Burning sensation while urinating.  Oh damn, this isn't Google.  Delete delete delete delete delete."

While I never really did Google that, I've probably searched over a thousand "how-to" questions that some may say warrants an investigation.  (Are you creeped out yet?)  Hey, a lot of things come up.

I have, however, never done the most common search among Coloradoans according to Mental Floss, which is "Why do my boobs hurt?"  What's goin' on there, anyway?  Is it because we run a lot in Colorado?  I know my nipples sometimes burn when I run, probably from rubbing up against my shirt.  Man, that must be a super hard activity for ladies!  So, a more likely question for me to search up would be "Why do my nipples hurt when I run?"

Click the map above for every state's most Googled "Why do..." question, and you'll see that some of these are just dumb.  (Seriouly, Illinois?)  Others are good questions, e.g. Massachusetts' "Why do cats hate water?", but I could never imagine why they are the ones most asked on the internet.  Oh yeah - People at desks getting paid by the hour.  I always forget.

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