It's fun to check out the latest and greatest titles, feats and jaw-dropping achievements published by Guinness World Records each year — but more fun is finding the strangest of these, and then learning it can be found in your state. 

One example, being the Weld County museum owner who holds the record for having the most antique washing machines. Another Colorado record-holder can be found in Longmont, where, weighing in at at over 237 pounds, is the world's largest ball of stickers.

Referred to as "Saul the Sticker Ball," this gigantic mass of stickers was originally created by the local company, StickerGiant, in honor of the first national sticker day on January 13, 2016. This is also when the official Guinness title was earned. At that time, the ball weighed 231.6 pounds, but has since been added to and only gotten bigger. Staff at StickerGiant helped to grow Saul in a matter of months, by taking him home with them on the weekends, to public events, and working competitively in teams to add on to the size. During his growing period, Saul even appeared on the Late Night with Seth Myers show. The big ball is located in the StickerGiant lobby, where it is constantly growing. His Facebook page currently keeps the public filled on any events Saul will be at, and when guests can come tour the sticker factory where he lives.

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