Last night was not only Halloween, but Emo Nite Fort Collins — and Fort Collins' first, I believe. I do know for a fact that it was my first Emo Nite (well you know, since every night of my life was emo night). I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I think that may have been the best party/show/event I have been to in Fort Collins like, ever?

For those of you who also aren't familiar, it's not so much a show, and not definitively a DJ set, either — it literally is a dance party.

I love to go out and dance with my friends, but I hate the clubs. Why? Because I never really like the music they play. But hell, throw me some Paramore, Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance and all the other songs I went to high school with? YES PLEASE. (This morning, I am NOT OK.)

Emo Nite Fort Collins was paired with Colorado's own 3OH!3' and their WANT House Party Tour with Lil Aaron. They bring animatronic wolves that shoot lasers out of their eyes and a sofa they bought at Salvation Army and play you all the songs off of 2008's Want. It's a good time.


Shout out to Emo Nite, 3OH!3 and the Aggie Theatre for the best party of the year. We hope you do it again, not just for us, but for all the sad kids who couldn't get tickets because it sold out (and for damn good reason).

We came, we dance danced, we hollered 'til we passed out and shut the G** damn door. #Sadasf**k

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