Ryan Key was on the corner of College Avenue and Oak Street, at the Aggie Theatre — fortunately not with bare feet, because it was really cold out. 

Hawthorne Heights and New Found Glory came to Fort Collins on Tuesday night, but with a special addition on stage, former Yellowcard frontman, (William) Ryan Key.

The 'Ocean Avenue' singer was the vocalist for Yellowcard from 2000 until they broke up in 2017, but Key has worked with a number of bands, particularly other pop-punk groups, in his career. And, I think we all remember that episode of MTV MADE, right?

These days, Key is a guitarist with New Found Glory on the From the Screen to Your Stereo 3 Tour, which made its stop in Old Town on Tuesday night. There were the 2000s hits, plenty of movie soundtrack covers and no shortage of wardrobe changes (a little bit different than the last Yellowcard show you saw).

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