If you watch this, I can almost guarantee that everyone near you will reach for their phone. It's a raven who was captured on video in Yellowstone National Park mimicking a smartphone ringtone.

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A visitor to Yellowstone National Park in October just shared this video with a brief backstory of what happened:

I was on a tour of Yellowstone National Park near Dunraven Pass and stopped to use the bathroom. The raven in the first part of the video was on top of the bathroom mimicking a cell phone ringing. This area is just on the edge of cell phone service making for an interesting experience.

Even knowing I was about to hear a bird mimicking a ringtone, this made me glance at my own phone. See if it does the same to you.

I did not know that ravens were such expert mimickers. All About Birds confirms that ravens can not only mimic other birds, but can also be taught human words. That's more than I can say for some of my co-workers and friends.

Just when you think you've seen the wackiest that Yellowstone National Park visitors can come up with, there's this. Smartphone ringtone ravens. (*face palm*)

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