Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers make enormous efforts to monitor and assist all kinds of animals within the Centennial State. From coming to the aid of species as small as fish to helping bigger animals such as moose, bears, and elk, CPW steps in wherever and whenever they are needed.

Recently, a wildlife officer came to the rescue of a rare Ferruginous hawk near Colorado Springs. When CPW Officer Travis Sauder located the bird on Tuesday (December 14), he observed it to be bleeding, which he thought could have possibly been as a result of flying into a fence.

Following its rescue, the beautiful hawk was taken to the nonprofit Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center's raptor facility in Pueblo for rehabilitation. Once it's fully recovered, the regal bird will be released back into the wild.

Ferruginous hawks are listed as a species of special concern in Colorado, Arizona, and Oklahoma. In addition, these birds are a threatened species in several states, including Utah, but conservationists around the country are currently taking measures to revive the species' declining population.

The Ferruginous Hawk is found in Colorado year-round but is most commonly seen during the wintertime. They are known to be one of the largest North American hawks.

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