Earlier this year, we learned that alot.com designated Lochbuie as the ugliest town in Colorado.

You may agree with that statement, you may not. You could also be thinking — what the hell is Lochbuie?

Uncover Colorado reports that Lochbuie (pronounced lock-BOO-ee) is a statutory town nestled in Adams and Weld counties with "great access to [Denver] and hot spots in Northern Colorado like Fort Collins."

Instant Street View
Instant Street View

It previously held the funky moniker of Space City, and Niche even rates it as a "very good" place to live. So why is it ugly?

Here's what alot.com had to say:

It's flat, it's gray, and its disturbing lack of flora in the suburbs seems unnatural for Colorado, which is famous for its gorgeous landscapes and wildlife.

However, you disagreed. We posted our article about Lochbuie's unfortunate award on Facebook, and you not only thought that the former Space City wasn't too shabby — but you also had plenty of suggestions as to what Colorado's ugliest city actually is.

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In defense of Lochbuie, we've decided to memorialize your answers in the gallery below, using random pictures from Instant Street View or Google Maps to keep things as unbiased as possible.

It's not an exact science, but it's a decent representation of how Front Range residents view the great state of Colorado. Read on to see what you believe are the 25 ugliest towns in the Centennial State.

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