We love Colorado. In fact, it's always been one of my favorite places since the first time I stepped foot in the state nearly 20 years ago. But just like any other state, there are incredibly awesome spots and there are...some not so incredibly awesome spots.

If you happen to be from any of the places that made this list, you may have many fond memories of your hometown and this isn't meant to be attack but more of a reality check because, whether you love the place you grew up or you completely agree with the ranking, certain places have their certain issues.

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l grew up in the "rust belt" in Northeast Ohio which in the 80's when through a difficult time with so many people losing their jobs when the steel mills closed and other manufacturing jobs wreaked havoc on the economy. The area and my hometown in particular was often ranked in the "worst of" categories but it didn't take away the memories and the great times that I had and still to this day remember and cherish.

So whether you love or hate your hometown that you grew up in, Money Inc has put together a rundown of the 20 WORST places to live in Colorado for various reasons.

Reasons like crime rates, public school systems (or lack there of) , unemployment, whether or not there is stuff to do and things to enjoy to enhance a positive quality of life also play pretty big factors on whether a place makes this dubious list or not.

So let's see what towns in Colorado made the list of worst places to live in the state. Agree? Disagree? Feel free to chime in on the conversation.

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