Candy Store has reported the most-popular Halloween candy in every state for 2018 — no tricks, just important treat research here. 

Candy Store is a bulk candy dealer that ships tons (and tons) of candy around the country (U.S. and Canada) every year. Then, they 'comb through' that candy sale data, and chart the 'best sellers in every state for Halloween'

So, whether it's an empty pillowcase, basket or bucket, here's what the neighborhood kids want in Colorado...

Twix chocolate bars. Colorado buys/sells 5,707 pounds of 'em! We LOVE our chocolate apparently, because second choice, according to Candy Store, are Milky Ways (5,321 pounds), and third choice are Hershey Kisses (3,350 pounds).

'Given recent changes in consumption habits surrounding sweets in Colorado, we would not be surprised to see further changes in the coming years. Stay tuned in the Mile HIGH city, but for now offer your trick-or-treaters Milky Ways and Twix. ' - Candy Store

Hopefully your five-year-old neighbor isn't stoned, but we get what they're saying there.

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