Each week, Townsquare Media, sponsored by FNBO, will be highlighting a Northern Colorado high school athlete as part of Townsquare Media’s High School MVP program. Each of these athletes has had an outstanding presence on the court or field and has been submitted or selected as our MVP of the week.

Football and fall are just a pairing that goes hand in hand in everyone's mind. It never really feels like fall without the clashing of pads and helmets, and it feels even better when your team is doing incredible.

For anyone whose team is Dayspring Christian Academy in Greeley, you are probably on a cloud after senior Garrett Krehbiel's performance in the Eagles' game against Akron on Saturday, Sept. 19.

When I was first reading over Garrett's stats for the game, I actually did not piece together that he was the quarterback. I went through the rushing column, saw his stats, and was impressed when thinking he was a running back. Imagine my shock when I looked up and saw he was the only one with passing stats as well.

Garrett breaks through defenders and gains a big First Down! Courtesy: Rick Krehbiel

Once I get into Garrett's numbers, it will be very clear to see why he is Townsquare Media's High School MVP for this week!

Let's start with passing yards.

Garrett connected on five of his nine pass attempts for the game, totaling 31 yards.

Garrett rifles one down field for a first down completion! Courtesy: Rick Krehbiel

However, his rushing yards are where it's clear the game was almost completely in his hands.

For the game, Garrett had 18 total carries, eleven more than his closest teammate behind him. What were his total rushing yards, you ask? 239 yards. That's an average of 13.3 yards per carry.

To put that into perspective, the best running backs in the NFL are considered "good" if their average hits about four and a half yards per carry.

Garrett blasts through the middle on his way to a Touchdown! Courtesy: Rick Krehbiel

The six-foot senior, who also happens to play two other sports at Dayspring Christian, obliterated the defense, leading both teams in rushing yards by a wide margin.

Garrett's 270 total yards made up over half of Dayspring Christian's total yards for the game.

On and off the field, Garrett stands out. He's also been recognized and inducted into the National Honor Society and earned his Academic Letter for being on the High Honor Roll all through high school.

Congratulations, Garrett, on your amazing performance last week and being named this week's Townsquare Media High School MVP! Check back in during the basketball season to potentially see Garrett's numbers in his second of three sports.

Coach Fusco and Garrett: "Well done!" Courtesy: Rick Krehbiel

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