Fort Collins: We love our bikes, our beer and our meals on wheels. According to Yelp, these are our top picks for food on sticks. (Yes, I am going to see how many times I can rhyme(s). Here we go.)

5) Your one-stop shop for tacos is The Taco Stop, with 4.5 stars. Say that five times fast.

4) Also ranked with 4.5 stars is Mac'n, which makes sense because they serve food covered in cheese. I certainly see the appeal. 

3) The Tramp About mostly rolls between New Belgium Brewing and O'dell Brewing, and people are all about it. 4.5 stars; one '$.' 

2) While the Waffle Lab may only have a four-star average, it has 145 mostly good reviews because they serve a breakfast food all the time, and no one doesn't like that. 

1) Fort Collins' top pick for food on a stick is literally a place that serves food on a stick. The top dog of FoCo food trucks is Corndoggies, with a perfect five-star average. 

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