Only Casa Bonita could ring in five-star Yelp reviews that also mention the 'smell of chlorine' and indigestion. 

I made my parents take me to Casa Bonita for my sixth birthday, because as a kid in the Denver-Metro area, it's just what you did. My parents were not thrilled, and I never understood why... until I got older and re-visited that 'beautiful house' on Colfax as an adult myself.

(Yes, it's that place your out-of-state friends know from South Park.)

That said, Casa Bonita is something you should experience at least once in your life. Probably only once, in fact.

The familiar, pink family restaurant in a strip mall with a fountain out front IS A LOCAL ICON; one which should be respected for what it is because if it ever went out of business WHAT WOULD WE DO? Never fear, it manages to pull in a good amount of five-star reviews on Yelp.

Read 'em for yourself! ...Enjoy.

A five-star review that starts with 'It was awful...'

Danielle L. via Yelp

The *real* pro tip is Pepto Bismol for the drive home.

K.L. via Yelp

Well... FIVE. STARS. 

Eric B. via Yelp

Only at Casa Bonita does a five-star review mention Chernobyl.

Austin B. via Yelp

'Go plastered if you have to.' But FIVE STARS!

Daniel F. via Yelp

True story -- my friend's parents met and fell in love at Casa Bonita. Probably not the first time, probably not the last. 

Daniel Michael Frank via Yelp