From gourmet waffles to corn dogs, you may feel like there's a food truck for everything these days, but here's something that hasn't been done before: CBD-infused meals on wheels. 

According to The Denver Channel, La Xochitl Burgers and Tacos is, surprisingly, is the first food truck to serve up CBD in the state of Colorado. Before you think this food will get you high, well, it won't (and it is optional).

'CBD is extracted from cannabis plants, but has very low levels of THC and will not get consumers high. CBD proponents say it has medicinal and calming qualities,' The Denver Channel reported.

La Xochitl Burgers and Tacos serves CBD-infused barbecue, chicken, burgers, tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more. Maybe some day they will roll up to Fort Collins' Food Truck Rally.

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