This will give you a giggle. If there's one thing we all like to poke fun at, it's our government. Last month, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development mistook a popular bar for Mayor Troxell, the mayor of Fort Collins.

What's even better than that little mix up is that the bar, The Mayor of Old Town, shared a photo of the mis-mailed envelope on Facebook with the caption:

'Dear Mayor Troxell, would you send Ben Carson a quick text updating your address? We are getting your mail here at the Mayor! We will hold it for you if you'd like !! Maybe stay for a beer?#BeerAtTheMayor#BeerWithTheMayor'

Honestly, a great way to get Mayor Troxell in for a cold one. Heck, maybe Ben Carson should come check it out. It was named one of the best bars in America, after all.

Fort Collins residents also had fun with it, of course, on Reddit.

One Reddit user, seventysevensevens, points out the major oversight of the U.S. Department of Housing, 'Ah yes, Old Town, USA!'

While another, Abaddon_4_Dictator, defaulted to the old blame-the-intern excuse, 'Haha, some intern at Dept of Housing and Urban Development was given a list of towns to find the address to the mayor and just said 'F*** it, close enough.'

Sure, close enough.

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