Wait, what??!  Oh yeah, and that number is down from previous years.  There were 10 states more popular to move to in 2016, and 21 in 2015, according to the Denver Business Journal.

If you're an "anti-transplantian," I've got news:  Everywhere is getting more crowded.  Always has been, probably always will be.

Here are the states more people moved to than Colorado in 2017:

8.  North Carolina

7.  South Carolina

6.  Washington State

5.  South Dakota

4.  Nevada

3.  Idaho

2.  Oregon

1.  Vermont.

Ouch!  I lived in Vermont, and it has a lot in common with Colorado.  It's kind of like our odd, lovable cousin in the East.  And if you think WE hate being infiltrated by "new arrivals," you should ask a Vermonter how they feel about their rolling green hills getting covered by new development and everything that comes with it.  Also, if you think Colorado is expensive, well... you're right... but you would be disappointed if you priced a new life in New England.

This might also make you feel better:

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