Flying J Truck Stops have been paying attention to the most common things people are buying at each of their stores.  And it's worth examining, in a place with such diverse purchasing options.  Even Walmart doesn't offer a CB radio, pink cowboy hat, one condom, and a shower - at least yet.

*The overall answer isn't so surprising, because it's COFFEE!  That's the winning item in Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, and South Dakota, as well as being in the top 5 nationwide.

*Louisiana and Pennsylvania have alternate energy drink preferences, with Red Bull and Monster Energy Drink, respectively.

*Washington, Iowa, West Virginia, and Wisconsin take that the opposite direction with BEER being their favorite thing at a truck stop.

*Wait, doesn't anybody love those Flying J hot dogs?  Umm hmm.  New York says it's their favorite thing, and Missouri loves corn dogs.

*And Colorado is all about the MEAT LOAF.  I'm not sure if it's the recipe or the $5 CD, but there it is, anyway!

*Weirdest faves?  BANANAS.  No surprise that one comes from Florida; and a SIDE OF CORN, most beloved in Massachusetts.

*Probably the least exciting is Mississippi's favorite truck stop purchase, which is a cup of ice.  But hey, it gets miserable down there!

Here's the whole map. 


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