At Sky Ridge Medical Center, which is the newer hospital on the very south end of Denver (Lone Tree, technically,) Lisa Powell Dejong had a baby two days before Christmas, last year.  She had no complaints about the entire experience, and everyone is doing outstanding.

Well, there was one LITTLE thing:  When Dejong was looking down the itemized list of charges, she spotted one for a circumcision, in the amount of $1216.50 - and she had a girl.

Maybe it was to take the focus off the grand total of 64,000 dollars, including 350 for a blood test.

Of course, the circumcision charge was a simple, human coding error, and was immediately removed.

Moral of the story:  Always make sure you understand what you're being charged and why - Because either it was a mistake… or THAT is thee most talented surgeon in the history of mankind!

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