We’ve seen some sad closings recently here in Colorado.

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A few months back, Lupita’s, a beloved and fan favorite Mexican restaurant out in Fort Collins, closed down on February 24th. This was mainly after the pandemic limited the restaurant’s hours and forced it to close down its dining room. 

Fort Collins saw another loss in February as well, with the closing of Envy Brewing

However, yet another brewery closure has shocked the Colorado brewery scene, since it came out of nowhere. Plus, it was an absolute fan favorite.

Renegade Brewing Company in Denver Will Shut its Doors on May 3rd, 2024

Google Maps
Google Maps

The owners of Renegade Brewing Company announced their closure yesterday via Instagram.

In the post, the owners claimed, “the closure comes as a surprise to us as we’re sure it does to you.”

They then go on to thank their loyal customers, to which there were many. “You all are what has made Renegade great,” the post reads, “so thank you for enjoying our beers, for bringing personality to our business, and for supporting us from the beginning.”

In the comments of the post, many of the regulars are mourning the loss of their favorite neighborhood spot. 

User theburtonbeaubutton says the:

“...5 O’clock in Bangkok will go down in history as one of the best beers I’ve ever had.”

Another user named pxlman says that:

“This one hurts. I was there in the beginning. That place was magic.”

While ownership claims the brewery is looking at options for reopening some day, it would seem like Renegade could possibly go down as another lost brewery for Colorado. 

Why is Renegade Brewing Closing?

Google Maps // Trevor Justus
Google Maps // Trevor Justus

At the moment, it is not entirely clear why Renegade is completely halting business.

The brewery opened in 2011 by Brian O’Connell, but eventually sold a large stake of their company to Silver Fox Partners in late 2017. It should be noted that O’Connell still ran the business side of things. 

As stated before, the closure seemed to surprise just about everyone working at the brewery. 

The Denver Post’s Tiney Ricciardi looked to get a comment about the situation from Silver Fox Partners’ managing partner, Michael Mulcahy. His reasoning for the closure was unclear, giving a strangely vague response.

With all this being said, Renegade Brewing will be sorely missed by the community that supported it for over a decade.

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