Homelessness is a serious problem not just here but everywhere.

In the Denver area, it's really been bad and 6-year-old Lillian Benedik has noticed. Now she's doing something about it.

She painting...yup her water color paintings are something that she's very proud of and according to Lillian's Mom, one day she just said that "I want to sell my paintings, I want to help the homeless".

As a parent, you can't be any prouder of your child than when they show empathy for others and according to the Denver Channel, Lillian and her Mom have come up with a way to make it happen. They've come up with a program called "Lillian's Big Heart Art" and sent a video to Littleton's Grace Community Café with a special proposal.

youtube/ the Denver Channel

If the café would put up Lillian's paintings, they would donate all proceeds to the cafe's foundation which helps feed the homeless through the Grace in Action program.

So far, she's raised over $1,000 to the GraceFull Foundation and that thousand bucks alone can feed up to 100 people.  She has sold paintings to people as far away as Georgia and Iowa.

Great job Lillian and great job Mom and Dad.

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