Snow in Colorado. It happens a lot and it's to be expected quite honestly any time of year but especially this time of year. What's really been surprising to me though here in my 3rd winter in Colorado is the amount of people that don't know how to drive in the snow here.

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Sure, I get it, there are a ton of transplants from California and Texas that truly have no clue when it comes to driving in the snow but is it really just the transplants.

While I may not be a Colorado lifer myself, I grew up in Ohio so I certainly know a thing or two about winter driving and driving in snow so I would like to get a few things out in the open that I've noticed from being here for the past 3 winters.

Maybe you can help me out and maybe I'm the idiot here that needs a little more understanding so feel free to call me out if needed but I'm pretty sure I'm spot on right with these observations.

And whether you're a true Coloradan or a transplant, stop doing these things when driving in the snow.


1) Not having winter tires on your car

This makes a huge difference and if you don't think so, you shouldn't be allowed to drive in the winter not just for your own safety but the safety of others.

If you have determined you are too good a driver to need winter tires, consider all the idiots around you and that one time you will be forced to brake suddenly because they can’t. You don’t get to make all the calls on our roads.


2) Not clearing snow off your car

It's not very safe for anyone either if you're just brushing off a little circle on your windshield and windows adding a whole bunch of blind spots to your vehicle.Clear every headlights and taillights. Clear the whole roof. So it's not blowing all over the place and on to the vehicle behind you.  You're not the only one on the road.

Give yourself a few extra minutes to clean off your vehicle. Also, a nice brush/scraper combo makes a cheap and great Christmas gift.


3) Driving too fast because you have a big truck or SUV

Just because you have a sweet ride doesn't mean you have be fly around recklessly putting others in danger, it doesn't matter how big your vehicle is or how good your snow tires are when you brake on a patch of ice, you're still going to spin out of control and probably in a ditch or worse, hit someone else.


4. Driving too slow in the snow

Common sense should reign supreme when driving in the snow. Don't drive like a maniac because you have snow tires and a big truck or SUV and don't be ridiculous and drive 10 mph either. Find a happy medium and use common sense when judging the conditions.

(DISCLAIMER: I do understand that commons sense in the world these days is seriously lacking on all fronts so this one can be tricky)


5. Driving without your headlights on

Surprisingly I see this one pretty often, flip on your headlights.



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