It's not the most expensive home on the market in Colorado, nor is it the least. It's not the biggest home, but it's not the tiniest, either. It is, however the oldest house for sale in Colorado. Actually, it's older than the Centennial State. The 1200 square-foot Victorian in Idaho Springs was built in 1874, and is a lime green slice of mining town history. 

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I love visiting Idaho Springs, especially in the fall, and it's always been a dream to live there. The wild thing is, though it's still out of my price range, homes in Idaho Springs aren't really any more pricey than houses here in the Northern Colorado/Front Range region, and the town is just 30 minutes from Denver (if you're lucky enough to not hit I-70 traffic, of course).

The two-bedroom two-bathroom house at 846 Miner Street in Idaho Springs is currently listed by Needlerock Mountain Realty & Land, LLC for $570,000. And, both the bathrooms are inside — that's a perk. It does still have the old (likely original) wood-burning stove and a clawfoot bathtub, but it also has a gas heating system, modern kitchen, updated wood flooring and a spiral staircase.

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The vibrant green isn't original color of the house (it used to be white), but it still has a lot of its '70s charm — 1870s, that is. No shag carpeting here.

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