One of the really cool things about living in Fort Collins is that there are tons of interesting things to do with a date. Usually the hardest part is finding a date. #amiright? This week, Madi and I show you how to woo your date at the FoCo Food Truck Alliance's Food Truck Rally in City park.

Last night, we joined our sister-station buddy, Todd from K99, and his wife Jenny, for a romantic outing. If you missed it, trucks like Ba-nom-a-nom, Silver Seed, Buzz Thru, Bigs BBQ, Common link, Taco Stop, Lobster Shack, Seasonal Soups, Goodness and Piadina rally every other Tuesday from 5:30p.m.-8:30 p.m.

The next one is on August 25, so you have two weeks to find a date.

Check out some of our 'bee' roll and bloopers: