Indoor Dates for #Snowzilla
Rain or snow, this April storm is supposed to be a doozy. And while you may not feel like venturing out of your home, you shouldn't let it stop you from having a romantic evening.
FoCo First Dates
Dinner and movie first dates are my least favorite. It's uncomfortable to begin with, so adding food/sitting silently next to each other for hours is not ideal.
It was blue and orange and white all over. We welcomed February with anti-valentines, getting snowed in and a lot of Broncos talk. Here's your week's recap.
Shelby's FoCo Date Idea
Vance Joy noticed me on Facebook, so naturally, I'm handling it poorly. Since my dignity is out the window, I may as well tell the 'bloke' how I really feel.
Food Truck Dates
This week, Madi and I show you how to woo a date at the FoCo Food Truck Alliance's Food Truck Rally in City park. The hardest part is finding a date, #amiright?