Pho. Rhymes with "duh". Places that serve it are popping up everywhere in Colorado. So what is Pho? If I were to describe it I would say "a light broth and noodle soup." More precisely Pho is a Vietnamese soup made of bone broth, rice noodles, spices, and really thinly sliced meat. It gained popularity after the Vietnam War when refugees introduced it to other cultures.

Not too long ago I drove by a place in Parker, Colorado called "What the Pho?" That is planted in my brain now as the correct way to say "Pho".

So where can you get a warm, comforting bowl of Pho in Fort Collins? According to Yelp, these are the top 5 places for Pho in Fort Collins.

All reviews credited to Yelp and associated Yelp users.

Little Saigon Cafe- 3500 South College Ave

One reviewer said “definitely a hole in the wall. I would give up my firstborn child for some more Pho.”

Asiana Foods-755 South Lemay Ave

Reviewers talk up many of their soups and noodle dishes including the Pho.

Tararine Thai Cuisine- 1401 West Elizabeth Street Suite 140

"Some of the best pho I've had in fort collins! the broth is really flavorful."

Young's Cafe- 3307 South College Ave

"The menu is plentiful here, but their Pho is top rated."

Saigon Grill III- 1120 South College Ave

"Pho is the perfect meal for hangovers and cold weather."

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