Grocery store Sprouts has always been a prime example of an independent retailer growing through success. Now that success could translate to having the ability to cash in.

The retailer, who has always been focused on organic and local foods, has had discussions with the owners of Albertsons to see if a merger of the two entities makes sense.

According to Forbes, while Sprouts has still seen some of the best growth out of any grocery stores in the country, their stock price is still down year over year. The company has close to 250 stores across the country and brings in close to $4 billion in sales.

Locally, the store owns five locations throughout Northern Colorado with two in Fort Collins and one in Greeley, Longmont, and Loveland.

What could this mean for Sprouts? Well the possibility is there that local customers won't see much change inside their local stores outside the possibility of Albertsons adding more of their own organic line to the stores they pick up.

It also could mean that more Sprouts locations could open up nationwide as they take up retail space currently occupied by the parent company.

As of right now, the proposed merger talks are all rumors. So the possibility of it happening may or may not occur.

However, if the deal does come to fruition, we'll be looking at the possibility of the Albertson's company taking away more competition throughout the Northern Colorado market as they already own Safeway locations throughout the region.


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