I hope this doesn't ever happen, but... SHOULD you ever find a bomb or another dangerous-looking piece of artillery that looks like it could explode and kill people, here's what NOT to do.

Someone found a rocket, picked it up, and took it to Longmont Police - Perhaps for investigation and to keep the community safe?

At least, if they find this person, that might be a good alibi... as opposed to the possibility that they were simply trying to... threaten, or even blow up, police headquarters.

Regardless, evacuations were immediately mandatory, not only for the Longmont Police station, but for homes and businesses within several blocks.

And, of course, the whole thing went down at 4:48p.m., right before rush hour.  Evacuations ended just before 8 last night.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but just in case... If you ever find a suspicious device like a rocket or bomb, leave it where you found it, and call police.

Also, don't make bomb threats to police, or anyone, ever.

In other words, let's try to make this freaky world a better place, by doing our best always to generally not suck.  The repercussions of people's selfish stupidity sometimes, i.e. making life a huge pain for others who are just trying to get through their day, is saddening.

Hats off to Longmont Fire and Police, as service for both was uninterrupted throughout this situation.


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