Are you a selfie-ist?  I go through phases.  And I have to be honest:  When I'm in one, it's because I am looking for attention.  So, I like to think I have outgrown posting 16 shots of my mug in the same day... but no promises.

I will do my best, though, because like you, I have friends who are obsessive, seemingly narcissistic, selfie addicts.  It's like Stage 3 of codependency issues or something.  What's worse?  It's usually the same stupid look on their face, every single time!!!  Hey!  Over here!  Work on some new faces.  I know you can do this.  I didn't like the last look of your ducky mouth any more than the 365 that preceded it.

But enough about me. This video on the Facebook page Meme Wars reminded me of all the great selfies my family and I take on a daily basis—take a look at some of my favorites below and make sure to submit yours in the comments!

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