Colorado is now home to many transplants from all over the nation, and some of them we have come to learn still need a lesson on how to drive on our roads.

Some people don't realize that when a stop light turns red, that doesn't mean the red carpet has been rolled out for you to keep going.

Or that when the speed limit says 55 MPH down Harmony Road in Fort Collins, you can actually go 55 instead of 45 because you believe it's too fast.

No matter how you look at it, most drivers throughout the state do a great job in adhering to the rules set forth. However, there are those residents who don't feel like the rules belong to them.

We've featured videos from Youtube user "ColoradoDashCam" in the past, as they use their vehicles dashboard cam to catch all the perpetrators in action. As you'll see, all of us have probably encountered these drivers on the road before.

But the question for you is this...are you one of these drivers caught on the dash cam?


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