We've all experienced it before here in the state of Colorado. You're driving down the interstate and some crazy out of state driver unexpectedly doesn't know how to drive.

Well, they may actually know how to drive. But their skills on the roads are lacking and you feel the need to get past them as quick as possible.

Most of the time these crazy drivers come from out of state. But there have been many times that these drivers have been born and bred in our great state.

Well, there is on Youtube channel that has captured all of these drivers on a dashcam as they make their travels throughout the state. The Youtube user is known as "ColoradoDashCam", and this is where you will see incidents happens on roads all throughout the state.

Want to see the latest edition of "Bad Drivers of Colorado"? Watch these great drivers in action, and make sure you don't follow their lead when you take the roads the rest of the summer!




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