Last month, we shared a petition started by residents concerned about the drive-in's future. This 'Save the Holiday Twin' Kickstarter, however, comes from the theater itself, in hopes that the community will help.

Over the last few years, we've all feared that the Holiday Twin -- one of Colorado's only remaining drive-in theaters --  may be in jeopardy, as real estate developers began eyeing the property it sits on. Well, Holiday Twin says, 'The best way to 'save the Holiday Twin' is to attend frequently throughout each season.'

That means, they've got to keep the theater up-to-date so it doesn't become Fort Collins' next track home neighborhood or condominium complex.

So, as the 2017 season is about to kick off, the Holiday Twin staff is hoping to raise $25,000 by the end of May to go towards a needed $350,000 renovation -- and this goal is all or nothing.

Future development on the property south of the theatre's driveway has created renewed interest in preserving our theater. In response to the petition on (the petition was not created by the owners or family members of the Holiday Twin Drive-In Theatre) we've created this campaign. - Holiday Twin Kickstarter

Holiday Twin explains that despite its popularity and steady business every summer, it is still difficult for a drive-in theater to thrive seasonally this day in age. So, in order to preserve the theater, they are asking for the community for financial support on the renovation.

Via ColoradoBassBarbie on Instagram.

To help support the Holiday Twin, you can read more here, and donate to the Kickstarter. Opening day is tomorrow (Friday, May 5).

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