My old neighborhood had a 1950s drive-in theater. It sat abandoned on a vacant lot, shedding what was likely toxic lead-based paint, for my entire childhood. I'm pretty sure it's now a Wal-Mart. I actually remember being really upset when they announced they were going to plow it because I was going through a really big Grease phase at that time.

In high school, I'd go to the one that's still open in Commerce City, but never got to first base... Now, I'm a full-fledged Fort Collins-ite and my heart belongs to the Holiday Twin off of Overland. I've had better luck there. And by luck I mean I've successfully smuggled in a variety of movie snacks. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Since it's announced it will be opening for the season soon, we thought we'd show you this cool infographic via BRAID that tells you how many old drive-ins there used to be, and how many there still are. There used to be a TON all across the nation. Now, there are only a handful in the state of Colorado, and the Holiday Twin is the only one in NoCo still operating.


According to this map, there used to be another drive-in near the Holiday Twin, called the Sunset, and in Loveland, there was one called the Pines Drive-In. Anyone remember those? (Or, rather, anyone remember their backseat at any of those? What were the snacks like? Leave no detail out.)

See the full interactive map from BRAID here.

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