Help wanted. The signs really ARE everywhere but THIS one seems a little extra enticing...and fun. Another fun tidbit about this particular gig is you can do it whether you live in Fort Collins, Greeley, Grand Junction or anywhere in between.

You...yes YOU can get paid to watch horror movies, in particular Stephen King horror movies and get paid $100 per movie. There are 13 total and if my math serves me correctly, that's a whopping $1300 to bank or're choice.

You don't need a degree, no back ground checks, no commuting and no annoying boss micromanaging every move, just you and some movies and your opinion of those movies before Halloween to get paid.

According to 9 News, you'll be asked some questions like which film you liked the most, if you're watching alone or with friends, and how your heart rate is going with each creepy scene. Nothing to crazy, just some fun stuff to share. These questions are provided by and if you answer them,  you'll get $1,300, this according to the website. Seems pretty straightforward, fun, easy and blood pumping way to earn some extra cash.

I love me some Stephen King movies and this lineup looks incredible, I kinda want to do this are the movies lined up for you to watch. (In no particular order)


1. Carrie

(The original from 1976 or the 2013 remake) In MY opinion, I'm doing the original version of a horror movie 99% percent of the time, including this one.

YouTube/Scream Factor TV


2. Children of the Corn

This movie messed with my head a LOT when I was a kid. Something about creepy, possessed kids that strikes a cord with me.



3. Christine

Here's another one that got me good as a kid (I'm not sure why my parents allowed me to watch such terrifying movies at such a young age but whatever...I remember riding my bike and scaring the crap out of myself when a car was coming when I would pretend that it was coming after Christine.



4. Creepshow

I've actually never seen this one before.



5. Cujo

Awesome movie, one of my favorites of all time. Also, I'm not much of a reader but this book is really good as well.

YouTube/ StephenKingChannel


6. It

I saw both versions and the original is SO much better than the my humble opinion.

YouTube/The Popcorn Drop


7. It Chapter Two

Never seen this one.

YouTube/FilmStar Trailer



I JUST re-watched this movie again for like the 47th time...SO good.



9. The Mist

I don't know why's another one that I haven't seen. My wife, who is an avid horror movie buff and murder podcast fanatic has been trying to get me to watch this for 10 years...I think I want to get paid to watch it. :)

YouTube/HDQuality Trailers


10. Salem's Lot

Here's one that I've seen that I actually wasn't too impressed with. Not a terrible movie, just didn't do much for me personally.

YouTube/Radio Bremerhaven


11. Pet Cematary

This movie is also one of my favorite movies of all time!

YouTube/MovieClips Classic Trailers


12. Doctor Sleep

I've never actually watched this one in its entirety, I've watched bits and pieces of it but I feel like for $100...I'll do it. This movie is taken from the perspective of Danny Torrance, the little boy in "The Shining" that's all grown up now.

YouTube/ Colby Davison


13. The Shining

Last but CERTAINLY not least, what would a Stephen King movie marathon be without his greatest work (in my opinion)..."The Shining". Not only is this my favorite horror movie of all time but it's one of my favorite movies of all time.

YouTube/Stanley Kubrick




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